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The Travel Bug

It should be obvious that working in the tourism centre in Squamish one will hear a lot of travel stories. But it’s not just the tourists that tell these tales, it’s also the locals. All summer long I have heard of amazing adventures from coworkers, friends, regulars and visitors alike and it sure has made my feet itch! Don’t get me wrong I love spending my time in Squamish but it’s important to leave your own home occasionally, see new things, eat new food. After all going away makes coming home again so sweet.

The experience of traveling is so wonderful and there can be so many different types of trips to take. Group tours, adventure travel, road trips, traveling to visit family or friends, business travel, the all-inclusive getaway, the list goes on and on. Due to various obligations and circumstances I sadly, haven’t experienced any of it for many years. It feels as though I’ve been “grounded” and somehow even the task of filling out passport paperwork has become daunting.

Caffe Garibaldi’s amazing and fabulous new owner has also just headed off for some vacay time and again, I am here with no travel plans in sight. But it begs the question when you finally find the time, how does one decide where to go on this big beautiful Earth?

Often knowing someone who lives somewhere exotic (aka anywhere but home) helps narrow down the choices. It also comes with perks like a possible place to stay or a personal tour guide. But if the someone you know is family the trip will definitely take on another vibe.

Hot, sunny locales are always appealing especially now that our Squamish rains have returned. Beaches, surfing, swimming, trekking, beaches…

Historical and arts enriched cities are also alluring. Strolling down cobblestone streets, wandering through museums, seeing iconic landmarks and experiencing the day to day life of the people who live there.

Or is it adventure after adventure, hiking through forests, sailing through island chains, climbing peaks, all to arrive at some new locale that few have ever seen.

One thing is for certain a true globe-trotter always wants to share the knowledge gained from the one-of-a-kind experiences that travelling brings. Wherever the journey will lead planning must begin so stop by the café soon and share your top destinations and all your travel tips!

Caffe Garibaldi

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