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The Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post

Well the new year is well underway; did you make a resolution? Are you sticking with it so far? Why do we even have this practice of resolutions when we all know that less than a quarter of us will actually stick with the resolution we have made. Babylonians, Romans, and Christians did it for religious reasons, praying to gods, making sacrifices etc. Depending on what calendar you follow when is the start of the new year really?? Who wants to turn over a new leaf in the dark cold months of winter? Personally, I’d rather have the new year start in the spring months. The weather is warmer, which for me is far more inspiring, the start of longer days and more light in the sky is also helpful in instilling a sense of hopefulness. Traditionally springtime is a sign of rebirth, in other words, a perfect time for a new you!

Or why don’t we make resolutions on our individual birthdays? People often do a lot of self-reflection on their birthdays making it an ideal time to start fresh, take on new challenges and break old habits. Or… maybe what we have to realize is that life is a constant ebb and flow and that we should be working on bettering ourselves all year long. Working on changes is an everyday kind of job not an annual task. If you wait for that once a year moment, the momentum to keep going will surely fall away. Baby steps people!  Most “how to make a successful New Year’s resolution” advice tells people to make small, frequent, achievable tasks. Things like committing to some sort of exercise everyday whether it’s taking the stairs at work or going to the gym rather than the ambiguous goal of “I will run a marathon!”.  (Besides running a marathon is never a good idea hahahaha, jk! I know how many ambitious runners we have in Squamish).

It’s probably obvious by now I’m not really a resolution kinda person, mostly I head into the new year thinking, how long will it take me to write the right year? Because I really just try to be the type of person that is trying to live their best life every day. It doesn’t happen every day but for me focusing on the day to day, living in the moment, however you want to say it, always leads to a more productive happier version of myself. So, what works for you? Yearly resolutions? Big picture goals? Or day to day, small step achievements?? Maybe this is the year you will find out!

Caffe Garibaldi

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